Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Home again, home again!

When we got up on Saturday morning and packed up, checked out and walked out onto the streets of New York City at 54th and 6th Ave, it was an astoundingly beautiful day!! After that heavy rain it had cleaned out every thing and the air was crisp and the sky as blue as in Utah!! It was a sight to behold! We really wanted to stay another day, but oh well, couldn't, had to catch a train into Long Island! It was fun though. With suitcases rolling behind us, we caught our last cab in NYC to Penn Station! Underground, again, we went and bought our tickets to Ronkonkama station. Isn't that the funniest word??? Ronkonkama!! No wonder those New Yorkers sound the way they do the words they have to say! It took about an hour and a half to get there, and to be honest that part of Long Island we saw wasn't the greatest, however, I know that there are beautiful parts of Long Island in the Hamptons, Coney Island and other places. But we didn't get to see that. We did pass through a town called Jamaica and guess what people live there??? You got it Jamaicans!! They are colorful people and we sat next to a few on the train who got off at that stop. (These were women who had the very curvaceous bootee) Hee hee. Anyhow, when we arrived it was very easy to find a cab and we got a hilarious one at that. First of all he didn't have any teeth left, but was such a happy soul!! He talked to us about being a truck driver all over the country and loved Salt Lake City. He wanted to go back. This was one of his comments that made us roar!! "You live in heaven, I live in hell!!" What a character.
So now we are at the Long Island ISLIP airport ready to get on a Southwest flight to Chicago Midway airport. We seem to have to wait a very long time that these airports but we found a little grill and ate lunch and then a nice bookstore where I bought a book, "The Diana Chronicles" which I have gotten into about Princess Diana.
When we hit Chicago, I'm telling you landing at the airport is the scariest part of our trip, they land fast and steep and then they bounce two or three times. Lara and I always held each other tight and then laugh to stay calm.
Finally getting into Salt Lake we got our luggage and drove our last leg home chatting about the things we really loved about our trip!! This trip was a dream come true. I recommend all Mothers and daughters to do some thing like this occasionally, it is very special!
We when arrived home we were greeted by Daisy and then the guys and the girls. It was nice!! We stayed up and talked about the trip until wee hours of the night with Joel and Mike (Mike had to get up early for Bishopric so he went to bed at a decent hour) But it was great!!!
Now back to real life!!
But, hey Lara, how about we begin dreaming of a trip to London next???

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Lara said...

I say let's start dreaming! :)