Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Well, I guess it's been awhile again, but since UVSC and BYU started, my life is back to NORMAL????? So far the students I have in class are jewels filled with a love of what they are participating in. It has been so much FUN!! I have adopted a quote which helps all of us see the workout in it's proper perspective but also in life as well!

"Shouldn't expect easiness and perfection, but work and progression!"

To me that says volumes!!! In life, in class, in families, in relationships, in every thing we do!

So everyone there is your uplifting quote for ponderment!! Especially all of you perfectionists out there!


Shana said...

And a very good ponderment it is! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Lara said...

But, I'm so TIRED. Can't it be easy just for a day? :)

queendeni said...

Yes, Lara, it can, just for one day!