Monday, September 17, 2007

What???? You mean I have to work????

No humor today folks but serious contemplation!!! Sorry!! But I've been pondering, (do you notice I ponder a lot????) the concept of some self-help programs and some programs like life-coaches etc. All of these things are easy to sell, they catch on really fast and they sound really really good!! I have even gotten caught up in a few myself. But the reality they are not lasting!
Here is the reason why!! Because "it takes away the responsibility of the person", it takes away the work and ownership of that individual. It is like other Christian churches that teach we are saved by grace alone. There is no sacrifice or work involved.

The universe is based on eternal laws, they keep eternity going, but if we go against them, those things or ways cannot last! The God of Heaven gave us these laws to live by, to become like Him, so we can progress like Him. Lucifer's plan really sounded good at the beginning, but the direct result would have been, loss of unity, loss of love, respect and everything would fall apart.

George Q. Cannon said (paraphrased) that when we are tested, Heavenly Father already knows what are going to do, but really it is for us to see what we are capable of doing. Now go and learn what you CAN do!!

So if Lucifer was in charge there would have been corruption in heaven. What is that corruption??
It is selfishness! All sin, transgression etc is rooted in selfishness. When you are thinking of you instead of someone else.
You consume rather than produce. So like with a car, if you don't put gas in it it stops running.
Selfish=only take (that taking runs out)
The gadianton robbers are a perfect example of this issue. It is in the Book of Mormon for a purpose, ever wonder why?? Here it is.
They were consumers never producers, they took from others (robbed) until there was no more. This forced them to produce which they never did, so they were stuck. They fell apart!

Listen with your spiritual ears! This is why heavenly Father can not allow even the least degree of sin into the kingdom of heaven. It would collapse and fall apart! So apply this to your relationships, your home, your callings, your Presidency etc etc. All of life.
Rooting out selfishness just cannot be easy, placing blame on something/someone takes the responsibility out (some self help programs)! Takes the work, the sacrifice out.
So many churches do not require sacrifice or work, hmmmmmm.
So many self help groups do not require sacrifice, apology, ownership or responsibility, hmmmmm! These are all important to God's Kingdom, to become selfless!!
Now, an interesting point, if we think we are selfless, we most likely aren't, if we think we are humble, we most likely aren't. But the upside is, we may not become perfect in this life,( perfect meaning complete finished), but we CAN work on becoming pure!! Becoming more like Him!
We are always learning, we are always progressing or we are going the opposite direction!

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