Saturday, August 2, 2008

Knowing who you are!

While down in San Diego this last week being with all of my siblings, I had to record this experience so I wouldn't forget it. I felt it was so sweet. My brother Jon had a son by a previous marriage, and now two more children in this marriage. things have not always been easy, but it has worked out well, in spite of life's difficulties. But while we were all surrounding the dinner table, Trevor, this oldest son from his 1st marriage said. My mother called me Trevor Stevenson all my growing up years, that he went by that name in school and everything. I turned to Jon and asked him, did they want to adopt him? He said yes, and I would NOT agree to it. I told him, how proud I was of him for sticking to his guns. But then Trevor said, but as soon as I was 18 I told my mom, I am Jon Trevor Snell and that is who I am. I just wanted to hug him. Of course, I hugged him, I love Trevor, he is so wonderful. He recognized his roots and loved his father and would not deviate even though the marriage was dissolved. I felt renewed faith in this generation! This touched all of us, as we would hate it not to have Trevor. He is definitely his father's son! The sad thing this is what is happening all over the world these days due to the high divorce rate. It just is so tough. For that I am so sorry for many families.

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