Monday, August 25, 2008

Fearless Daxton!

Daxton has incredible balance! Oh, and of course no fear of speed either!! He could ride down that hill with confidence that comes from practice and athleticism. He got that specific gene from his dad. Jon, was always so quick to learn skills, especially the physical ones. He came with all the natural talent anyone could have. As Jon was growing up on all the teams, he was always sought after. Even in High School Coach Gustin and Cooper used him for both JV and Varsity baseball. And Coach Rehrer used him for his tenure at Mt. View as a wide receiver. Jon was quite the player. Had he decided to go to college, (instead he decided to go on a mission for the first semester)he would have played (he was given many letters to Colleges to come walk-on) just as his brothers and father played collegiately. They played for BYU and for UVU/Lewis n Clark/Washington State! You just have to be disciplined, talented, and hard working to play for them.

Jon spent many a day with his brothers playing ball in the back yard, in fact, at a young age, I had them throwing rocks out of our yard into the field, which they say developed their throwing arms. Jon actually has forgotten more about baseball than anyone knows about baseball around here. He just had it. And now, his sons are carrying on the gene! Can't wait to see all you can do Dax!

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Lara said...

I'm impressed! No training wheels, even! Wow!