Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why do you write a blog?

This is especially for my daughter who writes a blog, a blog with real feelings, real experiences, whether it be good, bad or ugly, funny, or whatever! One that is full of life's experiences as her children grow and as she walks the path of life with her husband. I appreciate, as I know so many do, the fact she will put into words those experiences so as to "remember", to teach, to laugh at, and to give others hope as they walk their own path. You are so appreciated Lara for this. By the way, you can "slurp" your blog after a year. Talk to me about that and I'll tell you how you can do that for personal history purposes. Anyhow, she put me onto a blog the other day that was a spoof on blogs that was totally halarious. I'll come back with the address soon. But it's purpose was to make us take a better look at why we write what we do. If you are all flowery then you aren't real, is what I got out of it. So here is the challenge, start writing real things, real experiences without being unkind or a bully of course, because the reality is, we all need each other to get through this life. Some write just to record, some write to let others know of their current events, some write because they really have a hard time saying things. I find my blog writing to be reflective on thoughts I am having currently, how about you? What are your reasons for writing?


Lara said...

Thanks for the compliments.

I actually have slurped, but my computer is so slow, I haven't been working on it. (You have to format after slurping, and my computer has a hard time handling that).

I think it's neat to see how every blog evolves into its own thing. Some of my friends blog like I do, others do pictures and travelogues only, others do just scrapbooking, others do essays on world events. It's all great!

Emily said...

I blog for fun and to let people know what I'm up to, but mostly I blog to be heard. Don't we all just want to feel heard and validated? Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Deni.