Thursday, August 7, 2008

A very JOYFUL day!

SO, Mike has been off work due to his shoulder surgery and we have had much time to do things we haven't had time to do in a very long time. From cleaning out stuff, to writing, to studying and of course, going to the Temple. I have a large amount of names temple ready, so we have been busily doing initiatories, (which I love)(Baptisms I gave to the youth for youth conference) and sealings. Yesterday we did sealings at the Mt. Timp Temple, (usually we go to Provo) and as we walked in we saw Rich Osguthorpe coming out of the dressing room. We just about flipped with joy, (this is how heaven will be when we see all of those we have known and loved on this earth) and he said he was here for a family reunion, so we naturally asked, is everybody here? And he said yes, didn't you see them when you walked in? NO, we exclaimed!!! So out we went! And there was Lolly, Lisa, Aaron, Rich, and their spouses! We lightly screamed being in the Temple, and quickly hugged and talked about all the family! Then Russ came out and Emily and Russ Jr!! Oh, my goodness, were we really in heaven! Our families grew up together in this neighborhood and have many wonderful, sweet stories to tell of our children playing endless hours and us working out, and doing our yards etc. etc. (All when we had energy, mind you!) I have to say this, I felt this tremendous love and felt and remembered those years that passed so quickly and realized that our children were and are good human beings, out there trying so hard to find their way, but while growing up they were so carefree and now they are grown up themselves! Our boys would sell to each other back and forth for their respective sports, Nate would borrow encyclopedias from them, Lara and the girls would sing and play, and Lisa loved to play basketball with Jon. It was a wonderful reunion and I was so grateful for it, it was a sweet tender mercy the Lord had sent me, right when I needed it. The Spirit witnessed to me, MY family will be okay, and they will ALL come back to the Lord. And no one can take that away from me!
Well, it didn't stop there, we went in and did my families names, sealings to be exact and there was Sis. Ann Hull. She ended up being the daughter to the couples that Mike and I stood in for, and there we were the three of us partaking of wondrous things. I felt like I was going to cry with joy! Have you ever felt that JOY??? It was exactly that, I didn't want to leave when it was over.
But we slowly did, and off we went to the Ward summer party in South Fork Canyon that lasted all evening. It was a special day in which I must be grateful for, because there is always opposition, I love how He sends us joy at the same time we are receiving opposition, don't you??.
I hope you had a good day too! It saves us!

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Lara said...

Well I'm jealous. I would have loved to see them!!!