Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hawaii 2008

We went to Hawaii this year just Mike and I, with our friends Mel and Sue! We had a wonderful time, cruising (three of us got seasick) and seeing more of the island than ever. We went to Napili Bay, Wailea Beach, and many other beaches. We snorkeled, slept, ate, and played many a game. The only down side to all of this was the death of my stepmother, Maureen. I was very grateful to be able to talk to her on the phone while she was in a coma, but I knew she heard me. But more importantly I had visited with her the prior week for an hour just chatting. I thought it was really wonderful how she sounded so good, so energized. It was delightful. Since we couldn't get off the island of Maui for the funeral,due to the economy and airline situation over there, I sent two of my kids to San Diego. Nate and Lara. Nate spoke for me, (I emailed him my talk for him to read, which gave many wonderful FUNNY stories of my growing up years with Maureen) and of course, Nate made it even better with his twist on things. Lara sang Amazing Grace! I heard from my siblings how wonderful they were, and it touched them so much. Hawaii could have been better, but this is how life is. Full of unexpected surprises. It is really all how we deal with them, that makes us who we are.

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Lara said...

We were happy to go in your place.