Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The pig is pigeons!

Isn't it interesting how as we age we grow to love the very simpliest of things. This pigeon was so unaffected by humans. In fact, they loved us. We probably had around us 12 pigeons at our feet and of course, on Mikes' hand. They were so interested in what we might have in our cooler! Those little pigs knew we had food!
We were on Napili Bay, which is one of our favorite beaches, one that is calm like a lagoon. But guess what, it wasn't calm at all, it was 15 foot waves pounding in and ebbing at our feet. It was an incredible sight. The waves were so good, Mike, Chad and Janae couldn't stay away from the boogie boarding.
The rest of us stayed on the beach discussing the pros and cons of accountability in the PE dept of UVU and BYU. Fun and interesting! That is what I call it!

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