Monday, July 21, 2008


MIke is doing quite well after his shoulder surgery! He really does heal well, but he hasn't gotten to the physical therapy yet, and that is where he will be unhappy. But we have been reading alot of books together. One right now is called America in Danger by Studdert. He formerly worked for the last 5 Presidents of our country. He lists 10 dangers that are upon us for our nation and we better listen up! So go enjoy a good read and know it isn't fiction!
Now on to the thoughts of the day and that is one of having a personality that is vengeful. I would really like your thoughts concerning this, because it seems to have a fine line. In reading this latest book, we are learning quite quickly, and honestly we already knew a lot of this stuff, that these countries that are preparing to destroy us have that very thing at the heart. That of being vengeful. They hate we have freedom, that we have plenty of resources, that we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. So they desire to take us out. realizing this on a large scale, what about a small scale of people in your lives that have that same personality flaw. I think of the word bitter in this too. So hence, the power of charity trumps all again, and the word of God. It is the only way.

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