Friday, January 2, 2009

What Hcg does!

Okay, let's look at the what Hcg does, (at least the sublingual, remember when getting Hcg off the internet you will not know what quality it is and where it comes from,kind of scary), the folks at Dry Creek mix it themselves and it lasts for the 23 days used, up to 6 weeks. It is pure. First you eat everything you would like the first two days and make sure it is alot of good fats. So the fats are present in the blood stream when the Hcg begins to work, then day 3-21 you start the strict diet for your lunch and dinner meals. It was important to eat at noon and 6:00 p.m. and your exercise is the light variety not heavy aerobics (more later there). On the third day the Hcg will begin to pull out of the storage fat, deep in the body.

Remember how it was for expectant women who didn't have nutrition in other countries, that physically the baby was always taken care of first, hence the Hcg hormone was insturmental in feeding the baby while the mother was the one who gave literally to the nutrition of the baby, she would continue to get thin, but would have a healthy 8 pound baby. Hcg is very high during pregnancy, but when used here, it is very little, so you don't have pregnancy symptoms, so don't be concerned about that.

There has been concern as to the low-calorie diet you et during this 21 day period. I was too, until I realized what happens. Let's say you normally take in a 2000 calorie diet daily, well, yes, you just eat 36 oz's of lean protein, 4 oz's of fruit and unlimited veggies during your two meals, which could be as low as 500 calories, but what happens is the Hch will pull from the storage fat the extra calories needed , so you are not starving the body like a low calorie restricted diet does do. You will have a 500 calorie diet worth of food, with the Hcg pulling from the storage unit 1500 calories. You do not have any carbs (flour, grains, cereal, etc) during this phase. YOu also do not have breakfast during this time, to create a need for the storage fat. Going from the evening meal to the noon meal creates this scenario. But listen people, you are given supplements that are critical to your well-being. Vitamin C, crave busters, and Omega's, Bones, Enqymes, Multi etc.

One real important thing is drinking water, 1 oz for each pound of body weight. You may thing wow, how can I do it, but it is really easy, and you find yoyur body adjusts. Plus, the reality is the metabolism speeds up and you don't hoard fat as you would if you didn't drink enough water. If you get that much water you will not crave carbs. Please do this one right otherwise you won't lose as much. It is a metabolic insulator as well.

Well, enough for now. More later!! Think about this.


Sal said...

I learned about the HCG Diet about 2 months ago and finally decided to give this a try after trying almost everything else with no long term results.

I located a clinic through the HCG Clinics Directory

Palomita said...

Thanks so much, Deni, for letting us know about this. I have been curious for about the hcg protocol since reading a little about it in Kevin Trudeau's book. There was so much controversy about it when the book came out, that I dismissed it. It sounds like it really is based on good science, though, since so many doctors are supervising it now. I really appreciate your info!

Hilary said...

Man, that's a lot of water -- does water always cause you to not crave carbs? I've been doing about 3L of water most days while I've been pregnant, which is an awful lot -- but if I did this diet (which I obviously can't til' I'm delivered) I'd be doing even more... I don't know if I could leave the house. :)

queendeni said...

It is amazing just how much the body adapts to that amount of water, which we were supposed to be drinking in the first place, since our body is made up of 70% water anyhow. But no, you don't have to go like you think, but you do keep the body working properly and when you go it's healthy! I can easily get bloated, but not anymore! Love, love, love that feeling. Light

Jay said...

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