Sunday, January 18, 2009

Listen up, people!

Did you, by chance, listen to Elder Holland's talk this week at the BYU devotional??? Well, take a hop, skip and a jump over to BYUTV and stream it. The subject was "Lot's Wife" and it was given on Tuesday, Jan 13th, 2009. It will be well worth your time to listen, and I mean listen! Mike and I listened to it at least 10 times today! There was a moment there, that his countenance changed and his voice got very firm, almost angry, and he almost shouted to the listeners "Let the people repent!" Quit holding people hostage to the past! Let them use the atonement. That we shouldn't get our pail and shovels out and keep digging the past up!! Much to our chagrin this is one of those things we have witnessed in our own lives, but we much "let those people repent as well". So it works both ways. I Love the gospel of Jesus Christ! It will be the only thing that will keep us straight if we allow it to.


Emily said...

I listened to this talk twice while folding laundry and ironing today. Thanks for bringing it to attention. I love the message of hope at the end. The best is always yet to be!

Lara said...

I will have to go listen. Thanks!

I always say that one thing we tend to do as humans is to disregard the Atonement for everyone else, even as we are hoping to apply it to ourselves. We need to forgive people and let them change.