Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quite the news!

On my birthday, Dec 30th, 2008 my family was dancing around and singing, just playing around all night and it was a gas! But in the middle ofi t, I opened a letter I received from Women's conference, Sandra Rogers to be exact. I thought it might be letting us women know of the upcoming women's conference for those of us who teach at BYU! But to my jaw dropping amazement, it was not, it was an invitation to speak with another sister! It was pretty awesome to think that one so ordinary had been asked to speak. The subject is "My body is a Temple Heavenly Father gave to me!" Okay, so that shouldn't be too bad. So tonight I went to the orientation meeting where we heard from one of the General R.S. Counelors and Elder Samuelson and Sis. Rogers. It was so inspiring! They assured of us of being suggested, prayed over and approved by the Board of Trustees. You know who that is! Well, anyhow, that that shouldn't make us nervous. Yeah! It's true, it shouldn't. But the theme is "Find Strength in the Lord!" I truly felt the spirit bear witness to me that this theme was so important right now, when everything is falling apart around us in the economy and elsewhere. We just need to find strength. And it has been the theme I have had in my prayers for some time. To ask the Lord to strengthen me in the difficulties to come my way. Whether it be from others, or circumstances, or outside influences!
Just ask for strength to endure. This was the main message tonight. It is funny how so many think life isn't mean't to be endured, I've run across many students who feel this way and find myself thinking, well, they haven't experienced enough life that they will find that sometimes that is all you CAN do and you need the Savior to help you.
So it is going to be good for me. To remind me of what really is important as I go through day to day things! That we can't do it alone and we aren't alone, but we have Him to stand beside us to lift and strengthen us. And truly, there is NO OTHER WAY!

Well, I'll let you know how it goes, yikes!
Wish me luck, oh I mean, rely on the Lord.


clan of the cave hair said...

what an amazing opportunity for you to put into practice relying on the Lord to prepare and deliver what I'm sure will be exactly what the Lord wants us to hear. Thank YOu for being willing to be the Lord's instrument. I look forward to hearing your address to each of us.

Lara said...

I can't wait to hear what you come up with, Mom! You'll be amazing. :)

Rachel said...

Wow I can't wait to hear you speak. I'm sure you will do great.

Palomita said...

Congratulations on the honor! I hope I can attend - I'm trying to find someone to watch my 4 kids. Off to do my yoga, now :)

Emily said...

Is this for the General Women's Conference in September? I know you'll do great, especially speaking on such a topic!

Hilary said...

Although I am anti-women's conference (you would be too if you worked at the Cannon Center for 3 years during it -- those women are MEAN) I am a HUGE Sandra Rogers fan. She was the dean when I was in nursing school. I had nursing ethics with her. She's amazing.
Good luck, they'll love you. I thought you'd be doing an aerobics class for them... which would be good because they all eat like pigs that week. :)

Sarah said...

Deni you're so sweet! Thanks for sharing your beautiful testimony and i hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!! No, i'm not in graduate school, Jeff is though :)

i'm just working... fun fun fun! oh and i'm in the Young Women's!

so yeah, are you speaking at a stake conf. or is it the big shebang (general)???