Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year1

Most of you know that I am a fitness instructor, and old one at that, and that my focus is diet and exercise in life! It is amazing how many diets I have put to the test when trying to maintain a healthy weight, especially during the pre/post menopausal hormonal crud! Well, I have to say, I have found a wonderful answer that makes total sense to me. First, let to preface things by saying that I had become insulin resistant in the last year and that mean't gaining fat stores. It was awful! Fat showed up in places it hadn't been before, so I was quite bothered by it! Hmph! So one of our friends introduced me to "Dry Creek Dr. Offices" out in Lehi. A Dr.Sharp and Becky Greer, a nutritionist, work side by side in helping people lose weight using the sublingual Hcg, plus a wonderfully detailed nutrition plan and supplements to support your body throughout the phases you go through. Not only that they supply you with a notebook full of recipes, information etc and a coach to help you along the way if needed. We Lara and I went out to the meeting we were very impressed as it was scientifically proven and they had refined it to be more nutritionally sound where other programs using Hcg off the internet or other places were not using these methods to support the patient. Well, I have to tell you the results were great! I started out at 148 and ended up using two rounds and lost a total of 15-16 lbs. From Oct 15th until Dec 19th. I feel great and feel as though I am turned around on the insulin and using the principles taught it has made sense and a terrific difference in my body.
If you are interested at all, be sure to use my name as a referral and it would be greatly appreciated, but email It was the best money I spent as I have spent the same on LA Weightloss and Weight Watchers before. The greatest thing is this does not take from superficial fat stores but from the deep storage fat so you will not wrinkle if you have the tendency. The next blog will explain in better detail how the Hcg works and why protein, veggies and fruit.
Happy New Year!


clan of the cave hair said...

I am very interested in your next post about this. Lara told me about this and I have SO many questions. I do know one lady locally ( I live in Mesa AZ) who is on an hcg diet and they put her on a 700 calorie a day regimin that she just can't stick too.
Thank you for sharing your experiences with this.


Rachel said...

This plan sounds great. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the info and I can't wait to hear more about it.