Thursday, January 15, 2009


Create-ing! I have been thinking alot about this New Year and the reso
lutions we all make! A simple one-word thought that I can focus on is "Create-ing"!

Create health: through eating right, yoga, pilates, powertone, and water.
Create love: sharing uplifting conversations,calling friends, family, compliments.
Create knowledge: Reading good books, studying world events, listening to good things.
Create spirituality: Reading scriptures, going to church, serving, a Love of God.

The world has lost "peace" overall, and we must create it by living and doing. So for me, this is my goal to be diligent and to be steady in these four areas.
Love to all.


Lara said...

Create. That's a great word for the year, and I love how you've applied it. :)

Emily said...

You've created a job and increased love for group fitness (especially yoga) in me!!! So, check that one off the "do-gooder" you. :) Love ya.

Maryann said...

You are a great creator of health and well being. You know how to help other stretch and reach far beyond their abilities


queendeni said...

Thank you my good and darling daughter and friends. I love you all so much! Couldn't make it along the this thing we call life without YOU!