Friday, January 4, 2008

Why adversity is so helpful!

A New Year is upon us and what a renewed feeling it is!! Out with the old in with the new! We have so much to look forward too, just as Pres. Hinckley says! The sun is shining and it always brings me great joy I KNOW my Savior Lives and I KNOW my Father lives. It leads me to the thoughts on which I have been pondering for some time and that is of good times/bad times. Adversity/comfort, rough starts/great finishes!! The refiner's fire, the rough stone rolling, the fuller's soap spoken of in the scriptures and by Joseph Smith.
We always start out not so good, having a lot to learn, being awkward in so many things, especially the way we see things! In such an immature and very narrow, limited way. Those of you who believe you see things clearly all of the time are simply fooling yourselves or need a little pride adjustment, because the plain truth is, this is an eternal process. Adversity is preparation for greatness. Notice the word preparation, it doesn't say "arrive" or "is". These thoughts come because there are so many searching for the truth but aren't really finding it. For me, it is only found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He keeps us centered, focused, and staying on the mark.

Jesus was acquainted with grief, he didn't have an easy life. BUT He is the one who shows us the way how to do this life!

All of us have rough starts and not just because of our problems but because we sin.

There again, He shows us how to do it. To recognize our part, to deal with it and then to change it through His atonement. With such patience and understanding.

Our lives would be a waste if it was easy, we would never grow. We volunteered in the pre existance to be "a Savior on Mount Zion!" He sends us, His brave and valiant spirits to this earth to be sent to families to break a chain. He can help us find ways to bless others and ourselves and to improve, to become like Him.

When problems come, don't run away from God, run to Him!

I hope I'm making some sense. But I am so grateful for the hard things, that cause me to reflect towards Him, to search Him out, to learn to think and be like Him more, to push me to improve and excel no matter what my limitations are even though I might be kicking and screaming through the process. For that I am grateful for His eternal patience and love for me.

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