Friday, January 18, 2008

This blog just isn't funny!

Lara to be honest I don't know how you guys blog so much! Where do you find the time???? Maybe you are just overflowing with the words and have many funny experiences happening to you that you must hurry and write them down lest you forget! I can admit my days are so full of neat, exciting, meaningful experiences, especially teaching this generation of college students, but I find myself being the comic relief in class, they are so serious, or so stressed, or so fatigued! So hence, it is not funny writing about myself, it is quite boring. In fact, probably quite narcissistic!

So I rack my brain as to what I need to do to make this blog more interesting when my days are clean the house, hurry go to class, come home make lunch and visit with your dad and your brother who comes over frequently, get caught up on bills, updating security on the computer, write another fitness blog, do my new homework, go teach another class, pray, read, study or listen to a talk, keep up with the Presidential campaigns, catch up on my calling, help my friends in some way, maybe watch American Idol (stupid), plan another Dave Ramsey meeting with Dad, etc. etc. I need children to keep my day funny!! Ahhhh, but none are around, so I remember when you guys were kids and start laughing or I read others experiences with their kids and laugh. To be quite honest I feel very grandchild deprived, I need to LAUGH!! But regardless, I am so grateful for what I have and what my life is, it could be something else!


Lara said...

I blog when I feel like it...and it's my down time. Kind of a stress release for me.

Your blog is wonderful...full of introspection, which is probably the thing you need it for. :)

queendeni said...

Thanks, Lara.