Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh, President Hinckley!

My daughter just called to tell me of the news! President Hinckley had just died an hour ago. I was immediately strickened with great sadness. My heart feels very heavy and I feel sort of out of body. I'm going to miss him so very much. He affected my life so immensely, and so profoundly that I cannot even begin to write them down. He has affected all of us, all of this entire planet.

From, temples to bringing the church out of obscurity to 60 minutes. From the conference center to the earthquake proofing of the tabernacle to building up the Mormon Tab Choir! All the travel he did to all the Saints throughout the world. The humanitarian movement and the Perpetual Education Fund.

I am so sure he had made his calling and election made sure.

He is now where is sweetheart is and in the arms of His love.

What a man! What a man! How we will miss your great optimism!! Farewell!

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Lara said...

Lots of changes to come. He seemed like he would just live forever, didn't he?