Sunday, January 6, 2008

Broken bones, no fun! But kisses make them better.

Last night I was beginning a whopper of a cold and was laying by the fire, dozing when the phone rang and Grampa answered. It was Chloe, she wanted to tell us she had just broken her arm and she was in the Doctor's office getting a cast. I felt so bad for her, but if you know Chloe, she has a very high tolerance of pain and doesn't hardly say anything when it hurts. She is a very brave and strong little girl. So I asked her how it happened and she carefully explained she was standing on the couch and fell off on the side and her arm curled under her. She went around feeling like it hurt and told her Mom when she came home, "I think I need to go to the Doctor, Mommy!" Off they went and sure enough the X-ray that Chloe told me about showed indeed she broke it at the wrist on the radius bone. She was going to wear a "white" cast for a while until the Doctor did something else for her. I told her to sign my name on it!! "Be sure to put Mamah on there!!

The fact that Chloe wanted to call us to tell us was a heart warming feeling. She loves us and trusts us to feel for her and she KNOWS we love her.

Chloe, we will pray you will heal fast, life is always going to be filled with bumps and bruises and I'm so glad we are part of helping you along the way. Grampa and I love you!!

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Lara said...

Your name is on there...and Papa said the same thing when she called to tell him and Mimi about it. She thought it was so funny that you guys would want your names on her cast...but now all of us signed it! :)