Sunday, January 20, 2008

Staying on the mark!

So, Lara mentioned that this blog is introspective, I very much suppose that it is, so here is some more introspection. If you are not in the mood, just leave it, but if you are here you go.
Teaching yoga I find a lot of people starving, starving for rest, starving for de-stressing, for that tension release that we hold in our bodies. Starving for connection with their heart to Heavenly Father's Spirit, starving for their emptiness to be filled. So in noticing this and then some mentioning "meditation" to me, I have had a great deal of time to think or ponder of this very subject. Now, mind you, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt we all have to find our way here on this earth, or in this school we have been sent to, and I know we have to discover things for ourselves, especially the knowledge of "The Gospel is True!" BUT, I am simply amazed how much time is spent looking in the wrong place or looking around it. The "it" being the gospel of Jesus Christ. His Atonement, His life, His ministry, His example. I catch myself even doing the very same thing at times. But those empty feelings are never filled. They are only filled by studying the scriptures, going to the Temple, having meaningful daily prayer, serving each other, and striving for virtuous thoughts unceasingly. Virtue doesn't just fall under moral, but follows under positive, uplifting thoughts as well.

I am simply amazed how many of those I rub shoulders with do NOT recognize the atonement working in their lives and to further explain, how many don't allow the atonement to work in OTHERS lives.

But getting back to meditation, Pres. Hinckley encourages pondering on the things of the Lord, I don't think he mean't to ponder of the negative of the world or of oneself, because of how one feels when doing so, Pres. Hinckley wants us to be hopeful and optimistic and have no critics among us. But to merely apply His atoning sacrifice as we ALL have had part in that incredible act done for us!

Looking up definitions on humanism has made me realize that we can fall very easily into that trap, which is: Humanism believes that the individual attains the good life by harmoniously combining personal satisfactions and continuous self-development with significant work and other activities that contributes to the welfare of the community.
Now, I find a couple of things wrong here which can prove to be dangerous, 1) Where is Heavenly Father in this,
2) It is narcissistic, very self-absorbed, I only need me attitude.
So to me, it is very tricky how we "meditate" and how easy it is to get "off the mark" and headed in the wrong direction away from the true source, our Father in Heaven.
How I would love for all to grasp these principles quickly and clearly, but that is just NOT reality, and not how even Heavenly Father wants it. He wants each of us to "come to Him, willingly". All he wants is our will. However, getting off track is precisely wants the adversary wants to we lose sight of our mission, our purpose.
So the next best thing is patience in learning and patience is teaching! Doesn't that mean long suffering? Yep, it sure does.
Guess I better get to nurturing that as well, but be careful to stay on the mark.

So to summarize this blog, it takes careful thought to ponder on the correct and right things and President Hinckley has given us counsel on that, but to meditate on the philosophies of men, well, that turns into something more dangerous.
Yep, President Hinckley I'm watching you and listening very carefully, it is with deep gratitude that I do this.

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Lara said...

I think it is a difficult trap to avoid as our world is very narcissitic, materialistic and me oriented. Very hard to stay on the right track.

I tagged you on my blog...go see what to do. :)