Monday, January 7, 2008

Birthday best!!

I couldn't have asked for a better birthday celebration this year, even over the surprise 50th I received 5 years ago! Okay, so now,you know how fast that 5 years went by. But, this is how it started!! A knock came on the door Saturday morning and a fella with a beautiful vase of gorgeous flowers in hand asked for me!! Oh, my, who would send me flowers, I had no idea???? But when I read the card it was BRAYDEN, DAXTON, Shana and Jake!!! (Shana is very thoughtful!) What a sweet, sweet surprise and I read the card which is always the best part! So I called those guys and they were as darling as ever!! Thank you again guys, you are the best! Then I that night we went out to dinner and before we left everyone brought me a gift that was so thought out! That means so much! Lara/Joel and girls are so aware how I need a little book to keep my tiny pictures of the kids in in my purse without hurting them, (they are in there guys) and a cool smelling candle so my house smells good all the time!! Then Jon and Rachael gave me a framed word art "Our House is just a little house but God knows where we live!", (It's hung, guys!) Nate knew I wanted a new hoodie for class, and brought me a dark gray hoodie! But the thing that is the best is the cards, they all wrote heartfelt things that I love, (I keep them forever guys) My husband, was thinking as well, wow, he gave me a bluetooth ear piece so when I drive long distances it will stay on my ear as I keep my hands free talking to them while getting to my place of destination safely!!

I do have the best family ever! The only thing missing to make it complete was Dave and Sundy!! Next time!

Love you all very much!

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Lara said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday, and we're all so happy we could be there with you to share it.

It's true that as I get older I find myself not caring so much about the gifts, but jsut the notes people write and who is there to share it with me. :)