Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The greater lessons learned from a snapshot!!

Today my friend Sue Olson brought over a DVD she made for us of my family opening up Chrustmas gifts in December 1992 AND singing with Lara, her son Mike, and Chris Cotant. Plus, I saw myself and Barb doing aerobics in SFH 283 trying to remember and memorize routines back then as well. This was 18 years ago, mind you and it simply blew me away to watch it. These were the few things I gleaned from watching it today:

1) My hair was full and bouncy!! (No thyroid problems there!)

2) I still wear RED lipstick and LOVE it!

3) I'm still teaching! Whoa.

4) Lara's voice is angelic and gorgeous! And such a good daughter!!

5) Dave is so handsome, with a beautiful smile and such a good son!!

6) Jon is so handsome, with a great sense of humor and such a good son!!

7) Nate is so handsome, with a wonderful ability to laugh at us and such a good son!!

8) Mike is such a handsome man and a great husband and dad!!

9) I was always sick with laryngitis!

10) We didn't really have much at all, broken chairs, broken blinds, broken everything, but we had HAPPY kids.

11) We had a happy cocker spaniel who adored Jon!

12) I was maybe a little too serious at times, I didn't like that about myself!!

13) The kids were always playing around and enjoying each other, even at times when they were annoyed with each other!!

14) I think I may have worried too much, glad I am overcoming that!

15) Dave loved to play the piano for Lara as she sang! I loved it too!!

16) I simply love my children and KNOW they are exquisitly good people with bright minds and smarts beyond anybody I know!

17) I know they LOVE us, their parents!! They truly are goodly children!

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Lara said...

Now that would be cool to see! :)