Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miracles unexplained!

My dear friends, God is a God of miracles!! If you don't believe me just go to my very best friend Barb's neighbor's blog who has experienced this first hand.

While she suffering, she shared with all of us the story, of which I will not ruin for you. She kept us all posted for the last two weeks in perfect detail the incident, the feelings, the heartfelt thoughts, the questions. And then every minute miracle.

Please take 30 minutes to scroll down to the beginning and follow to the present, you will be forever changed!!

This blog is stakerzxposed.blogspot.com!

Miracles unexplained except for the Hand of God!

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Rachel said...

Oh what a great story. I know that we are children of of heavenly father and he knows us each one of us. Thank you for posting that!