Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ah, yes, this is what happiness is........

Here is my "happiness is" list as encouraged!!

Happiness is being with my daughter and her girls and singing Opera!
Happiness is staying up late with Lara and talking about life!
Happiness is sharing an ipod with Chloe and singing "Popular" together!
Happiness is hearing Sophie say I want to go with Mamah on the airplane!!
Happiness is going on Mamah/Granddaughter dates!
Happiness is working together with Bria and chattering!!
Happiness is watching Joel conduct and be professional, but at home he is Joel and makes me laugh with his quick wit!
Happiness is getting a phone call from my youngest son exclaiming he got a 160 on his LSAT!!!
Happiness is working along side my middle son, laughing and organizing the garage, especially throwing away stuff that hasn't been used for a year or two!!
Happiness is watching my daughter-in-law who is throwing up expecting her first be so excited about being a mother!!
Happiness is cheering my daughter-in-law on in her new photography business!!
Happiness is getting an email from my eldest son enthused about our big family cruise this year!!
Happiness is having long conversations on the phone with Tychon, my grandson in Seattle and talking about anything and everything!!
Happiness is watching video of Estee dancing freely!
Happiness is playing with Brayden and Daxton in the yard and trying very hard to make a basket!
Happiness is really receiving lots of hugs and kisses from all of them.
Happiness is going to bed at night and listening to my husband read out loud to me!!
Happiness is talking about spiritual things with him!
Happiness is leading the stake choir for UVU!
Happiness is being with the youth and laughing!
Happiness is teaching my exercise classes with all of those kids who think I know what I'm doing!
Happiness is sitting by the fire and reading.
Happiness is when the sun shines, life is good.

Am I blessed or what and that ain't nothing yet! So much more I can say!

Thanks Lara for encouraging what happiness is........

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Lara said...

Incredible happiness! Great list mom!