Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just when you thought the show was getting old!

This past week I received a sweet email on my website requesting that a gal would write up her feelings on working out to Total Body Workout! It was such a sweet request and so I went to her blog! She has been recording her feelings of each workout and I loved hearing how she felt. So I am inviting you to go to her blog just to read her feelings and watch her results as she goes through every workout from the show, is that just the most flattering thing you have ever heard of?

It is girls like her that made that grueling time so all worth it for all who were involved with the show. I know the producer, Kendall, would get a great deal of satisfaction that he served so many women like her so well, at a very busy time in their lives.

Thank you to all who participated, with blood, sweat and tears as it developed from a brainchild to the production!!

Her sweet blog is!!


The Prestons said...

hello mama preston! it doesn't surprise me to read this :) EVERYONE who watches your show loves it, and you! we are asked all the time if nate's mom is THE deni preston, as in the one that is on byutv :) you're famous - and make people look GOOD!

Sherry said...

I love your workouts...if only I had BYU-TV again. You haven't made a DVD yet, have you? I'm still interested in shorter versions for mommies with little available workout time.