Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lone Survivor!

Okay, my very small following who are my friends! I'm writing blog after blog because it is a dreary, cold day and I don't have to teach a million classes today! I probably should set these posts for every day, like Lara does, but I don't know how, and I don't know when I'll return anyway, I'm just so sporadic! But I have a lot on my mind today and much to share. I don't have any kids at home to laugh at or post pictures, I don't have many experiences with funny things that they say either, although there was a day that did occur all the time, and how I wish we had something like this to record it because it is so much easier than writing things down, besides I was sporadic at that as well, and I'm sure I will go down to you know where not doing that as I should! But I do have reflective thoughts that I like to write down now and then. And since a blog is for writing down, thoughts, views, insights, sadnesses, happinesses, reflections and such which is what we women find comfort in at times, this is a cool place to do it. Knowing my words are not that important to anyone, but very helpful to me. I like how Mommy blogs are generally so kind and uplifting in comments, especially to anyone who needs a little extra umph for that day. So I really love to read your comments and insights into the thought of the day. It brings great joy. I think I've run into only a couple of very negative comments, and well, I just delete them when they are non -constuctive or mean-spirited, although looking into blogging ettiquette, I'll just leave them next time, oops.

So inasmuch as I took an ADD turn and got distracted, here is what I was really thinking about:
I just got done reading this wonderful book called "Lone Survivor" by Marcus Luttrell and it is a "can't put down book". He is the one Navy Seal that survived Operation Redwing in Afganistan in 2005 where an entire helicopter was shot down trying to save the four seals on the ground. Needless to say, Marcus was the only one who made it out, and has quite a story to tell. He tells his story from the enlistment in the Navy, to Bootcamp, to INOC, to SEAL training and IT IS fascinating. (by the way, my nephew is a SEAL). After all the training they are called up to go to Afganistan to try to get one of the main AL QUEDA/TALIBAN leaders. In it you learn of the hatred for Americans they have and follow Marcus and his team through the mission. I won't ruin it for you, but the hand of the Lord is in his survival as he always seems to have his rifle right next to him as he falls off cliffs, precipices and such, which are many!! And in his protection, escape, and rescue! What I came away with is a deepened love for our country, the Navy and the Seals! Thank you so much for what you seem to be born to do to keep us a free country. GO SEALS!


Lara said...

You were telling me about that book. Can I borrow it when we come up next month or does Dad need to read it first?

J. P. said...

my husband has read this book. I took it with me to work one afternoon and 4 or 5 pages into it realized I could not read it while expected to greet anybody who walked in happily and without swollen/teary eyeballs. Maybe I should give it a go again, only at home.---Lisa from Clan of the Cave Hair