Monday, April 20, 2009

WOW! I think Spring just might be here and we can come out of hibernation! The blossoms are gorgeous and the birds are singing! Woo Hoo!! Spring has such wonderful memories for me, the smells, the way the sun hits on the earth spring axis and just the fact it brings feelings of getting out and doing things!! You know the Spring cleaning feeling!! I just love it!

Well, go to my daughters blog, she is celebrating a birthday of her blog by giving away a darling apron she had made. Here is her link,! By merely commenting you will be entered into a drawing for it. It is amazing how far blogging has come in such a short time and her experiences with it have been wonderful! I have to agree with her that blogging brings a person joy to be able to write down thoughts and feelings that are foremost on the mind, to look back at later and realize how far you've come or what you had been facing at one time. It really does take on the face of a journal in many ways.

My blogging has been mostly my fitness blog/website that has been just a wonderful experience with the encouragement of Lara and the expertise of my son, Nate!! I have spent most of my time investing in it. It's new face will be called! All articles will be moved over from this week, and we will update it.

This blog is a side blog with just some thoughts and feelings of more of a personal nature, or insights of what I'm learning in a personal way. It does feel really good to be able to write down these thoughts, it is very cathartic. One person's blog is not that important to others, but it is to the person writing it. I can honestly say that the few, and mean very few, who do read this and have left wonderful uplifting comments, well, thank you for coming to my little part of the blogging world and, understanding what I'm trying to say! I can totally understand how Lara feels about her blog, her own part of her world that she lives everyday and is trying to make sense of. Just as we all are trying to make sense of this life and it's experiences and how it fits into the plan!

Go and have a great day and know you are of great worth, no matter how small of a contribution you feel you are giving!!

P.S. Get better my darling granddaughter, Chloe!!! I love you, baby!


Lara said...

Blogging is awesome. :) Can't wait for your fitness site to be back up and running, too.

Hilary said...

That Lara... her blog's OK. :)

Palomita said...

Wow, Deni! I don't check your blog for a few days, and suddenly, I have a novel to read :) - I am so glad to read it - you always have such though-provoking posts.

I'm sorry that you have had some mean comments - I want to tell you, again, what a difference you have made in MY life, for so much positive change, and I've never even met you! I have lost almost 40 lbs (hoping tomorrow), because of Becky Greer's program, which you wrote about on this very blog, and because of the AMAZING yoga classes you taught that air on BYUTV. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do and are - your wonderful, positive spirit touches me every time I pull out that yoga mat!

By the way, I'm flying out to Women's Conference from Colorado (it was my birthday present), and can't wait to hear you!

Much love,

Mary Marble