Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, Oh, Oh!! I keep forgetting to tell all of you who google my name! has been dissolved due to some gliche in the system, it is currently under reconstruction, to be named!!
So in just a few days or a week we will be up online again!

Thanks so much for your patience!


Lynn said...

Hello Deni:
I have viewed your yoga programs a few times and other interviews about your background, may I say that you are an inspiring women, especially as a sister in the gospel!
Women who are so dedicated to health and fitness, because I always wanted to be like them have always fascinated me. I always had the weight issues growing up and still do as an adult.
My struggle (as a single divorced mom) has been to rekindle that fitness area of my life. My life gets so hectic with school (trying for a nursing major and scared to death of failing), doing homework together with my daughter, working part time, trying to be good enough as a R.S. teacher and all of life's other challenges.
I never felt like yoga was enough for me, so I never did it. Now that I haven't done exercising in the last year and I know that I need to lose at least 30-40 lbs, any work out should benefit me.
I just made a purchase that is so unlike me, I bought p90x.
My thought is this, maybe my emailing you will be the catalyst that gets me going again, helps me feel better and helps me find that spark of ambition that I have miss placed.
Thank you for doing what you do, for giving others inspiration and for setting a wonderful example.
Look forward to your site.

queendeni said...

Dearest Lynn!! So glad you wrote and expressed how you are feeling. You are not alone!!! My love to you and your determination, but more importantly I am totally inspired by all YOU do!!! Your plate is definitely full and by fitting Yoga in, you will find it will change your life to make what yoyu do now even better!! Many, many blessings! Deni