Sunday, November 15, 2009

TSP, what could that stand for!!

I have seven very talkative and very smart grandchildren thus far in my life! 4 girls and 3 boys to be exact! I am very fortuante to get to talk to them and have very interesting and fun conversations with them. I find them bright, funny, interesting, and thought provoking! They each have very distinct interests and wonderful individuality, just like their parents.
So today, I want to show what one of them looks like to me as a gramma, and what his cute conversations are like!

His name is "Tychon Stanton Preston", 6 years old going on 25 and full of life and full of personality. He called me yesterday to just talk. His first words on the phone is "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Gramma!!!!" And I always respond, "Isssssssss thissssss who I think it isSssssssss????" And he will say, "YES!, it's Tychon!!!"

Oh, my goodness, this little guy knows I know who he is and knows just how much I love him. I told him, "Tychon, I really miss you, and we really like to talk to each other, don't we!!" and he immediately responded: "Yeah, gramma, that's why I called you!!!" We usually spend a good 45 minutes to an hour talking about everything from what he is doing to what he is thinking about.

One of my questions yesterday was, "Tychon, what do you want to be when you grow up??" He said: "Uhhhhhhh, I really want to be an archeaologist!" "I would really love that!"
So I told him about a friend who is one, and that he was down in Guatamala digging and finding what he thinks to be the City of Nephi! Tychon says, "Wait, what is his name??? I think I heard his name and about all the things you just said, exactly." (We are talking about a 6 year old knowing this story!!) Incredible!

It is like I'm talking to Lara, Nate or one of the other kids, who are our adult children!

Tychon also has entreprenurial blood in him, he sells rocks at races he attends with his parents and he told me that just a couple of weeks ago he made 9.00 in ONE DAY!! I told him, "Tychon, if you can sell rocks, you will be able to sell anything, what a gift you have!!" He laughed and said he will be selling his old books he has read next time. So we will see what his success rate is with that!!

I generally send him and Estee a package pretty often and THEY LOVE getting them. So I sent Estee a beautiful petticoat like Sophia's and Tychon told me that Estee put it right on and danced in it. But that is not all......Tychon said......."she is sooooo cute in it gramma!!!!!" (isn't that precious????)

At the closing of our visit, he told us he had to go to Ace Hardware to buy a couple of wires he has been wanting to buy! Ummmm, Tychon, buy WIRES, for what and with what???? He toldf me he uses his money he earns selling rocks and he will use the wires to build things that run, like boats and rockets. WOW! All I can say is.......Just like his Dad!!

I love that his parents encourage this in him and give him the belief that he can do what he loves! BUT mostly I just love to hear him tell me ALL about it!!!


Rachel said...

Thanks you for writing your feelings about your family. Your a great example and a reminder of what a mother and person I want to be.

Lara said...

Love that kid.

Doc said...

All parents should encourage their kids that way.