Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankful, but haven't always remembered it.

Lara encouraged us all to write what may bug us, but for which we are really thankful for, soooooo the stuff I have that I am not grateful, but really am is:

Cleaning up after others in the house, the dirt that comes in with the shoes, the dishes that are left all around the house, the towels and dirty laundry left on the floor in the bathroom, or the lights left on and heat left up high.

This makes ME realize, I have people whom I love around, living, breathing, talking., playing people. This shows me that I am still healthy enough to move and bend to clean it up! That there are lights to switch on so easily, and off! That we have soft towels that make us feel delicious after showering and that we don't have to use them over and over and over again. That we can sit down an enjoy a book or a show and relax and eat whatever we want, whenever we want!!

This just leads me to think we are like the queens from past history, that we're prosperous and so well to do! Queens, yeah, that IS what we are, we can turn on the faucets in a tub and out comes hot and cold water, and we can just soak with the beautiful scents or bubbles. Yep, just like the queens of old!! We are so blessed. WOW!

Thank you for EVERYTHING I have, it is sooooooooooooo good.


Rachel said...

Queens that's good!! It makes me think about life in another way.

Lara said...

Lovely post. We have so much to be thankful for! We need t ostop taking it all for granted, don't we?