Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Well, black friday is here! ummmmm, Lara isn't so I was not at all motivated to look at anything. but I discovered someone who is interested...............................JON!! We slept in until 9:00 a.m. and in walks Jon, with an armload of goodies!!! And so proud of them at that!! He had alot of his Christmas shopping done, as he pulled out each item saying....."This is for Chloe, this is for Brayden and Daxton, this is for blah blah..........!!1

So next year I think I will tag along with Jon! He waited until the crowds died down, went to Walmart and Target got some great things for next to nothing. I'm tellin ya, I've got another black friday buddy again. Soooo, Jon, let's plan it out next year, very carefully and strategically, so we can sleep and we can miss the blast of people!!!



Lara said...


I got up at 3:45. Yep. But I was home by 5:45. Black Friday here is EASY! Got lots of good stuff, too!

You should come for Thanksgiving sometime just to experience the easy Black Friday! :D

Rachel said...

I think I might do it next year.
Hopefully Rob will have a job then.
I'm with you sleep in and then miss the crowds.