Thursday, December 25, 2008

Beautiful Day!

Merry Christmas everyone! Well, it has been a wonderful day, with the joyous noises of Brayden and Daxton who are just so darling, especially how little Daxton just adores his father and Brayden is such a jokester! It was wonderful having those two little ones around today! Christmas just isn't Christmas without the sounds of little children playing with their new stuff! Hearing from Bria, Chloe and Sophia and their excitement of receving so many fun things from Santa was a delight!
My Christmas was very nice myself, as I received a beautiful birthstone ring from dad and a beautiful letter from Nate. If there is anything that is so meaningful is receiving letters from my children. I also wrote one to each child and watched them read theirs as they all opened them up! It was so cool! I think that is what makes Christmas, is giving of ourselves to each in the spirit of love.
Some things I just have to wait for, but I keep hoping it will happen, only in the Lords' time I suppose.
Love to all!

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