Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Babbling on Christmas Eve!

Okay, so this is Christmas Eve and a big snow storm is coming, the biggest of this season yet! Which, by the way, we do need! I've made all these yummy appetizers for us to just snack on and play games. My friend, Kathie, gave me a DVD of us singing 20 years ago for a Christmas show, (professional mind you)and I just got done watching it and thinking, we weren't so bad!! We were quite good!! It is amazing the perception you have when you are younger, huh!! Anyhow, we also just took some very special people over a cheesecake, whose wife is suffering in intensive care and most likely will not be given much longer here on this earth, if Father is willing. But anyhow, life is full of surprises and up/downturns and it just makes you ponder about this life and it's immense purpose. I, quite frankly, didn't get too involved in the hubbub of this season, in fact, Walmart and Maceys were both so crowded it was hard to get around, so I just gathered a few things and off I went. As you can tell, I am just babbling! But one of my most favorite things to receive at Christmas time is cards and letters! I LOVE it and I'm noticing people starting to take the easy way out and sending E-cards, I sure hope it doesn't take hold. Anyhow, my mind is qute scattered right now, I think I'll go sit by my tree and read more of the Ensign and the scriptures, I need organization, I guess, so I will make more sense to you later, or should I say to myself!
Merry Christmas Eve!

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Lara said...

Love you mom! Merry ChristmaS! We started a new tradition this year of listening to the opera (it's a one act...less than an hour long) Amahl and the Night Visitors after reading the Christmas story.

Who is in intensive care?