Sunday, December 9, 2007

Staph, yikes!!

Yikes!! So this week on Wednesday night a shuttering pain started on my right, outside foot! It was a crack that developed because of dry winter weather, super dry skin, and I teach my classes (pilates and Yoga) bare foot, walking on those harsh floors day in and day out! Needless to say we used super glue, we used bag balm, I soaked it in epsom salts, nice warm epsom salts, and took motrin for the pain. Nothing helped. Finally, I asked for a blessing. I finally fell asleep with my foot elevated I got a little relief for the night. The next morning, it was a little better, but I couldn't walk on it. I continued to teach my classes, all three of them. It was the last one, BYU's yoga one that I finally said to myself, go to the ER, this is a Staph Infection!! The red streak about 2 inches in diameter was up to the top of my ankle and my ankle was swelling. I started to chill a little and not feel so hot. I went on home and soaked my foot one more time and headed over to Orem Community. Sure enough it was a staph infection, that could be, I said, could be an infection called Mersa that is a resistant strain of staph to antibiotics. Dr. Broadbent told me it was early and was glad I came in and gave me a miracle antibiotic called Keflex. If it was mersa it would only get worse, but it didn't it responded well and I'm on my well to healing. The streak is going away, but the site of the infection is taking on a boil like look. It is so weird!! My body must have been ripe again for this, (meaning my immune system low) and everything in line for this bug to get in.

But the one thing I must say here is, I am grateful for antibiotics. They are wonderful when used properly and appropriately. Because healing for me happened pretty quickly. There are many bacterial strains that harm the body so fast and furiously that we alone cannot fight it.
Yes, I believe in alternatives as well, but I believe in medicine. They are to coexist together, appropriately. Thank you for inspiring research, God!! You know what we need!!

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Shana said...

I am sooo happy for you that you are feeling better!! I am sure you were in so much pain!!
Dr Broadbent is one of the best Drs there!! I am glad he took good care of you. We love him! Now go and get a pedicure!!! :) It seems in the winter time, you need to do those a lot. I hope they are 100% now!!!!