Monday, December 10, 2007

Laughing anyone???

Wow, it is feast or famine with this blogger!! So right now you better feast on this because who knows when the famine is coming in MY writing!( As if anybody really cares, hello!) That last blog was quite serious, and granted there are many parts to life that is very serious and it needs to be. But I think I would rather laugh! I probably laugh at very inappropriate times and at inappropriate things, for that I am sorry! There is just so many things that strike me funny especially within the classroom setting with my students.

Like this week, one of my students asked me if the gluteus maximus was located in the trunk or the legs, of course I answered her with dignity and sincerity but in my mind, it was going wild with visuals and comments that only I probably thought was funny!!
("Just remember that the gluts are part of the legs because you still have two of them nicely separated by a crack and then the trunk begins.) So I start to get a smile on my face trying very hard not to LAUGH!!

Or this Christmas letter that my son-in-law writes every year, and believe me he is totally a crack-up with great wit!! Well, he talks freely about diarrhea and then my mind immediately goes to the time my mother called and Joel answered the phone the conversation started like this: (Hi Joel, Joel responds well Hi Doris, how are you doing? Oh I have diarrhea and I don't know why etc etc.!) Well, let's face it our entire family is very comfortable in talking to Joel about their ailments! But don't let him fool you, he is too!! So consequently I start to LAUGH!!

Some in my family might think I'm such a crude person, but quite frankly I need an out and laughing is the way to go, if you ask me! Maybe I just need better timing with it, I don't know.

Even when I was on high dosages of Prednizone (1000 mg a day through my IV) my mood went to a lot of laughter and an occasional meanstreak!! (anybody who has been on it can verify what that stuff does to you)

So there you have it, my true colors, crass and crude and I think it's just plain funny!!

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Lara said...

I told him he was free to write all he wanted about his own diarrhea, but I made him take the part off about mine!