Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cookies, wonderful cookies!

Okay, I did it!! I ate four of the most heavenly sugar cookies that my two favorite grandsons made for my husband and I!! I have gone 6 months without that stuff, and I told Nate I was going to and he said go for it mom, so will I!! We loved every bite, every taste of smooth, creamy frosting on top with plain m & m's!! Thank you Brayden, Daxton and Shana for the DELICIOUS cookies, delivered thoughtfully by Jon and Rachel. I couldn't have broken my fast of sweets better than on cookies such as those!!

But, okay, I'm back on the wagon!! So no more, okay????

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Shana said...

Oh You are totally welcome! But it was really my mom who made them! She had a fun christmas party with the boys and my mom insisted Jon and Rachael take them! They were so yummy huh!? I could eat a million of them... I think I gained 5 lbs from eating 2 of them!! My stomach is killing now! They were worth breaking your diet for, I am sure! :) Glad Jon and Rachael shared and you got to enjoy them too!!!