Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Cellphone Scamp!!

So it seems I keep getting one certain "little" granddaughter in trouble for her photography skills on mom and dad's cell phone and her ability to send them on to me to get my approval, (heehee)!! I have to admit, I'm sure glad it's me, because of some of the risque pictures I've gotten of her mother, my daughter!! Only to be able to say, " A picture is worth a thousand words!" (No, there really wasn't as much shown as you might think!) But the funniest thing about this whole camera
thing is how her parents try everything in the book to keep the cell phone from her, only to discover Mamah is receiving them, laughing out loud at what she is taking pictures of, and then letting her mother know so they don't have an exorbitant cell phone bills, (yikes, how quick it adds up!)
Here are a few pictures she has sent only to mention a few:
1. Lara stepping out of the shower with a towel on her head, looking down, slightly smiling at Sophia! (I could read her lips, "what are you doing, Sophia?")
2. Pictures of her beautiful and coveted blanket, that she loves so much she coos when she sees it.
3. Pictures of her cute shoes with a leg and a foot in them, which is that of her own!!!
4. Many pictures that were BLACK, (what was that about Sophia?!)
5. Pictures of Daddy sleeping, a lovely nice head shot!
6. Pictures of her sister, Chloe, sticking her tongue out at Sophia, (just like a sister!!)

The list goes on and on.
One day I received 17 pictures, 2 text messages, and a couple of phone calls. Uncle Nate received 2 text messages and don't know if Grampa got any, but I think he did!! All from Miss Sophia!

Now when my cell phone rings from Lara's phone, I always ask first, is this Sophia?? When I hear nothing, it is and when I hear Lara, she says, no mom, it's me!!! This kid is something else, I've never seen anything like this before! I know my grandchildren are child prodigy's in other ways, but in technology, this young????????

Oh, Lara, wonder what her chosen field will be!! I guess I should start asking her what she is going to be when she grows up, like my mom asked you kids all your growing up years!!

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Lara said...

That is a very good name for her: The cellphone scamp, LOL!

Way too funny. Yeah, she'll be an engineer or something. Just watch.