Saturday, May 19, 2007

This is life!

Well, I'm back from the dead! This week has been full, full of ups and downs. Of life, of death, of work, of rest, of everything! But, I can say honestly, mostly ups! I notice when there is a hard thing there is always a joyous wonderful thing. I think Heavenly Father allows that so we won't be totally devastated in life. He is a very merciful God, and yet, at the same time, one who is teaching us, preparing us for our forever life!

In relationships, I truly believe that people don't do things to intentionally hurt. I believe things are a matter of thoughtlessness. Or, they react when hurt. Don't you? The key is in the discipline and in the humility to be taught when being shown or corrected.

In work, there again, discipline, but then there are those things.... However, we are always trying to control. We don't like being out of control. If we are then fear sets in. Fear causes reaction. It's a cycle, don't you think?

How about weight-loss? Need I say more? An important aspect of weight loss is the fact of health, healthy mind, body and spirit. One that is in control. Mastering, so to speak the passions of the taste buds. Oftentimes, we just view it in terms of how we look instead of how we feel. Yeah, I look okay, but I want to feel light, and energetic and full of joy! Extra weight, even this 5 pounds makes me feel sluggish, heavy, and a little lack luster.
Also, there are those that I come in contact with that plain, don't want to do it. They don't see results quick enough, or they don't "want" to be told by another, including Drs. or whatever the reason. But the reality is, what about those that love them? We ought to be thinking of them and working on our best self to provide for them a long life and a healthy happy one at that.

So I guess you see where this babbling blog went, to the weight loss mystery. So find what motivates you and go for it. Stop making excuses. Once you stop making excuses there is nothing standing in your way.

Now, the most wonderful "up" of the whole week, was my wonderful children remembering me on Mother's Day. My grandchildren, namely Bria, Chloe, Sophia, Brayden and Daxton as they sent me wonderful gifts with personalized hand writing! What sweetness, that I will keep forever. (I look at those things frequently, I've kept most things by the way!) Thanks to their parents for teaching them to "remember".
I love them with all my heart. All of my precious grandchildren.! See the joy amidst the hard. That is IT.

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