Friday, May 11, 2007

"Not-so-great" Mom?????

I guess there has been a few that have found me to be a "not-so-great" mom. And they probably would be right in many aspects. But I can confidently declare that "I am a Mother" and that was/is my occupation and I loved/love it. Warts and all!!!

Oprah Winfrey said "In our society, we give motherhood plenty of lip service, we pat moms on the head, bring them flowers on Mother's Day, and honor them before crowds. But at the end of the day, we don't extend them the same respect we would a professor, a dentist, an accountant, or a judge."

I believe from the my heart that a righteous mother is the embodiment of success. I believed this about motherhood for years. But now I know it without a shadow of a doubt. The most important work I have ever done in my life is what occurred within the 4 walls of my home.

I know what I gave up so that I could be a mother during that season of my life, But I also understand what I gave it up for!! My 4 wonderful children, and I didn't get a paycheck that can be cashed at any bank. But it does come in other ways.

I take no credit for my children's successes, and I take no responsibility for their failures.
Their successes are theirs and theirs alone!! And they have a multitude of them.
I can say I was their cheer leader in whatever they chose to do. I hope I showed them how to problem solve, by not doing it for them, or at least when they needed help it was then I stepped in. I hope I taught them to rely on God through prayer and through listening to the Holy Ghost who would not leave them to fend for themselves. I hope I taught them faith, faith in God and in themselves that with God they could do anything. I hope I taught them to work, and work hard! To be kind and sensitive to others.
I notice my children very rarely mention how they feel about me. But they are very good at letting me know they love me, for this I am grateful. I really hope they one day will come to a place of appreciation, not that I need to be gushed over, but will genuinely be able to say from their hearts what they feel towards me as their mother, that it will come easy, for everyone needs to know how our loved ones view us in positive ways and not just on Mother's Day, but always.
I was grateful to be able to do that with my mom from time to time. For she was a stalwart woman, strong, loving, caring and gave her heart and soul to being a mother.

Honestly, I don't want to hear, "Oh, you did the best you can!" any more. It is not good enough, it doesn't portray how I felt, what I did, or tried to do adequately! But I will tell you this, I gave my Heart and Soul to the rearing of these children. Right or wrong!

One person told me she doesn't want regrets raising her children. Well, there will always be regrets that you can't do everything perfectly, or say everything perfectly, or be perfect. For that I am thankful for the atonement. I definitely wasn't perfect, I was on a learning curve, a huge one, and I hope that you will give me mercy when judging my efforts. All I know is I love my family and that will never change. I hope you understand my babbling today!

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Lara said...

I think you are the best mother in the whole world. Nobody has a better mother than me. :)