Monday, May 21, 2007

The voices of my grandchildren!

One of my most favorite happenings in the world, is getting a phone call and on the other end is a little voice saying "Hi, Mamah" or "Hi, Grandma Deni"!!! I found out from Lara the other day that Chloe now knows which number I am on speed dial, and she just calls now whenever she wants to. She'll chatter and tell me all that she is doing right then and there and then say Bye Mamah! When I call, Lara has a certain ring for me and Bria will pick up and "Hi Mamah!" And talk to me about her life! Even Sophia has played with the phone and has dialed me and I can hear her. And cute Brayden will call and say "What ya doin?" and then tell me what he is doing or leave a message if I don't answer! Just precious. Or Tychon will call and say thank you for the present and tell me how he is playing with his friend in great detail!
This to me is sublime. I don't think parents even realize how that small simple act brightens the day of us older folks who miss the sounds of children so much.
I hope that they will always take that time to do that small thing to make someone's life, mine, happy!!

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