Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's to come?

Boy oh boy, we are getting those tax cuts for another two years, child tax credit, and estate tax. Thank goodness! The economists are speaking out with a positive view of the next two years! For once!! But Obama looked defeated. But he had no choice he HAD to listen to the voice of the majority. Obama has been behaving like a spoiled child! Stomping around until he would get his way until the people would give into his whims! Feeling sorry for himself when he didn't get what he wanted and then intimidating those who didn't agree with him and his cronies until again they gave in to his whims and demands! Looking all dejected and behaving so so childish. What do we have at the helm? It is scary AND unbelieveable to see THe immaturity running this country.

I'm so grateful the people went out and voted and were heard! Seriously, we had to put our foot down and get involved. Because raising taxes would have surely killed us all next year with a certainty, especially our children and their families. I have lived through this type of immaturity before, the Carter years actually, and our family along with many suffered for a very long time, and it wasn't until just within the last 5 years we have recovered from that bout in the early 1980's.

But we are part of the problem, if we allow this to happen, and I say allow, they will always get their way. So both ends need to change. It looks like the days of the Book of Mormon when the Nephites were completely destroyed because they allowed the gadiantion thinking, they turned their heads and did nothing.

So now, let's see what will happen next.