Monday, December 20, 2010

Holidays and depression.

Holidays and depression! I guess I can really understand why so many people feel bad at this time of year. The doctors say it is a sense of LOSS. That loss can be anything such as, Holidays reminding us of what we are missing out on, or, longing for the company of those we miss, or loss of a dream whether it is trivial or profound. Things like that.

They say it is a disparity between reality and our expectations that defines the depth of our sadness. Our expectations are high, and our reality is far from it on the other side of it. So it becomes a serious letdown. This is really true in just about any time of life or time of year.

It seems movies give us this sense of fantasy and that our dreams are too often mere fantasy, and our wishes could never come true. I think this may be true.

So what do we do?

Stop setting expectations so high, so you'll avoid disappointment. Boy is that the truth. I think I may do this sometimes.

Adjust your hopes and dreams to a realistic level, then they have a chance of coming true.

Adjust your expectations in your relatives who may come to visit, let's face it, we all have some kooky relatives in our families and what we should do is just love them.

So, do you have an unrealistic sense, I suspect we all do to some degree. Let's just enjoy the reason for the season I guess, and that is the birth of our Savior who has laid down his life for everything we have done incorrectly, our poor judgement, our transgressions, and our sins. And remember that imperfection is a reality.

This was a very interesting article.

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