Tuesday, October 2, 2007

There is no free lunch!

Sorry I've been gone again, but I just can't seem to get to this blog! But here is my thought for today since I study, at least I get that done! From Elder James E. Faust, Ensign, May 2003. M My dear young friends, there is another great truth that you young men (women) must learn. It is that everything has a price. There is a price to pay for success, fulfillment, accomplishment, and joy. There are no freebies. If you don't pay the price that is needed for success, you will pay the price of failure. Preparation, work, study, and service are required to achieve and find happiness. Disobedience and lack of preparation carry a terrible price tag. As priesthood holder of this Church, part of the price we need to pay is by living differently from the world. We are the possessors and custodians of these commanding powers which can and do roll back the power of Satan on the earth. With all my heart I urge you to please help[ us push back the world. We must stand against the wind. Sometimes we must be unpopular and simply say, "this is not right!"

So hence that is why I would teach all my children as they grew up this line "There is no free lunch." For everything we do there is a price. Hard road to learn, I think. But thankfully God has a plan for each of us, one we can't see, but hopefully feel and that we will make the decision to help Him roll back the world!

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Hilary said...

We have a school near us where "eveyone wins." If one gets an award, they all do... (it's a charter school) and this is one of the main flaws I see. If you work, you earn the reward, if you don't -- you don't.
Thanks to you and President Faust. :)