Thursday, October 4, 2007

Energy???What's that, huh?

I think I used up all of my energy when I was raising our children! Here I am, 54 years old and teaching 14 classes week, doing so, to earn enough for the future retirement, which isn't to far off, and doing it to keep myself from getting lonely and depressed. I love being able to teach others and motivating them to do things. It brings me great joy to share what I know. Unfortunately not always does anyone want to listen. Oh well. I just keep trying.

But getting back to the energy thing. I just don't have a lot of energy anymore, where did it go? Did I use it up, really, teaching, training, telling those kids how to be happy, independent adults? I certainly helped deliver 1 million newspapers, clean 1 million rooms up, and I'm sure I went to one million games, parent teacher conferences, lessons, church activities, concerts, etc. etc. I'm sure I read one million books to and with my kids, and washed one million dishes as well as prepared one million dinners, (even though that has gone by the wayside too, we eat simply, chicken and a wonderful tossed salad) I am also sure I ran up and down stairs over one millions times, cleaned toilets one million and counting times!!! I am also sure I waited up for one million times for the kids to come home and I'm sure I worried a million times too. Need I say more?????

But why do I feel as if I didn't do anything in raising my children????

Was it a dream? Did nobody notice, or didn't anybody believe I did that? So why no energy???? Because I guess I used it up!! What say ye????

Probably better go clean my house up for the 0ne millionth and one time!

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Shana said...

Oh yes, I am living it right now!! :) I think it is all good for our souls. And you were and still are great at what ya do!