Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hard to say Good-bye!!

SO today was a very hard day for me in that when I came home from class, I didn't have any little footsteps running and calling "Mamah, mamah!!" Look at this, or watch or come here!!! So it was very quiet, except for Daisy greeting me, for which I am very grateful for! So now it is going back to being quiet, going about my business, doing my thing etc. etc! Those kids make me feel so happy, they make me smile in what they spend their time doing all day. I found a multitude of things around that reminded me of them immediately. First they left me, dad and Nate letters, thanking us for being here, then I found all these drawings of princesses and sunshines and little girls!! Then I found a few things they left, a piggy bank, a box, a book of Mormon, and few stuffed animals. So when I see them I think of them. It is really withdrawal to say the least! They, meaning, all my grandchildren are tender mercies of the Lord, no doubt. I really understand my mother and how she felt with my children. How much she loved them, worried about them and felt so connected to them.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to be with them and be a part of their lives. They are so welcoming and so want to be with us here. And I love the kisses I get all of the time from adorable little faces.
So, Lara, the messes, well they were nothing compared to that. The messes can be cleaned up!
I love you, Mom

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Lara said...

Well I miss being there too, and the girls of course do. I miss being able to talk to you every night for hours, even though I should have been in bed! :)