Friday, June 8, 2007

Happy Birthday to You!!

So I guess I'm on a kick of writing about the little special things that happen during the day that have to do with one or more of my grandchildren that I notice. Yesterday was a very special birthday of my favorite grandson #1, Brayden Michael Preston!!!! He turned 6 years old, ALREADY! But what a special, incredible kid he is. Last week Jon brought the boys over here to celebrate his birthday with us, his cousins, aunt and uncle! It was so fun! Those kids love to play and run and chatter together! It is a wonderful sight to watch them play. I love that Brayden will call and want to come over when the girls are here! The girls adore those boys and always ask if they are coming over again and again.
I called Shana's cell, they were busy, so the voicemail picked up and I sang away a Happy Birthday song to that sweetie, but by the end of the day, while I was in class Brayden called and left a cute message with his precious little voice!! I just love him so much. AND I am so grateful that he is my grandson!! What can I say???? I have the bestest grandchildren in the world!!!!

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Shana said...

He had a wonderful bday. He had 4 parties, the spoiled little kid!