Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One simple piece of insight.

It is vital that husbands become aware of what matters most to their wives. In fact, what matters most to her must be top on the list of what matters most to you. If you love and adore her, then let her know by your actions. Do not diminish what is important to her. If you can’t figure out what matters to her then ask her. As you pay attention to this, showing honor to her, she will return the love and will, likewise, adore you. What matters to you will then become vitally important to what matters to her.

A great article for all to read in Meridian Magazine May 10, 2011. By Joy and Gary Lundberg.

Remember though, ladies, this works both ways.


Emily said...

Does that mean I have to care more about what happens on CNBC and in foreign markets because I'm pretty sure that's all Hylan thinks about?! ☺

Christina said...

The 5 Love Languages is a valuable tool for learning how to show your spouse that you care on a level that they interpret that you care. Great book to read and apply in daily life - also very very simple.

Christina said...

THe 5 Love LAnguages is a grea tool for this kind of thing. IT teaches on a very simple level how to communicate love to your spouse (and anyone else) on a level they interpret the same way you mean it. Great book and simple to apply!