Friday, January 1, 2010

Here comes the New Year!

I love it when Christmas comes and we celebrate and then when it's over!! Because here comes the New Year! It feels so fresh, so clean to me!

Last Sunday one of the Stake Persidency spoke at sacrament meeting and shared his story. Oh, he loved New Year's. He loved to just lay around in his pajamas and watch football all day long and eat and sleep. But as alot of us, one day he married . He married a beautiful Japanese girl, who the first year they were married announced on New Year's Eve they were going to get rid of the dust of the past year and look forward to the new year by cleaning!! Cleaning out every room, nook, cranny, office space, drawer, etc etc. This was their tradition!

They would get rid of the stuff that was not useful, that was cluttering up their space, that was old and they would clean, deeply. That it just didn't apply to the material things, but the things of the heart too. To get rid of the things that held them back emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

To look forward to a perfect brightness of hope!!

I loved this, I want to do this. The funny thing was, that both Mike and I on the 26th had begun that process already and it was like an assurance we were doing the right thing from the Spirit. Today we did a great deal more and hopefully before school starts on Wednesday, we will complete what we set out to do.

Now, with the things cleaned up and moved out, we can now focus on our thoughtful goals for the year. We have decided to focus on:


More on this later!

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