Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Life of Another, inspires!!

I had a little bit of time today and I chose to watch Oprah, whom I rarely watch! But I read the Nienie blogger and found she was gong to be on Oprah's show today! It was moving. In fact, so much so, it moved me to tears. Lara has followed her and she her for quite some time. Because Lara lived in Cedar she was so painfully aware of this plane accident that occurred there, and since then I have looked occasionally at NieNie's blog. I have found a delightful, interesting, moving person there with an ability to teach us all important lessons without knowing her or her even speaking a word.

So as I watched today.

I noticed her beautiful eyes, the spirit in her soul through them. I could see through to her heart! She is so inspiring!

You know, it's the eyes that tell us about us. It is the window to our soul, our feelings, our thoughts. She is so beautiful, even with all of those scars.

So many of us, do not have much to complain about, not like her. But she doesn't. I am so sure, she has times of discouragement, of pain, of impatience. But I believe that the Savior has carried her through and she has felt it keenly !! And because of the experience she had in her coma, that she could choose to stay or go back to Father, that her testimony of the Savior was engraven upon her heart forever! What a testimony of His reality!!

I loved this story and I must say I am so grateful for the life I have and have had. I am so grateful I was given four beautiful children to raise, to LOVE, and to go along the pathway of life with! They are all extraordinary, weaknesses and strengths. Just as this NieNie expressed ever so humbly.
I love/loved being a mom, a ma, a mamah, a gramma, a daughter, a sister, a wife! There is nothing better. I gave myself, imperfections and all to this calling and graciously thank my Father for this opportunity for growth and for refinement! Even though I have a long way to go, LOL!
My children will surely tell you that!!
Weaknesses are hard to overcome, but they will take us to heaven if we allow it!

Thank you Stephanie for your life, your example!!

Hugs and Kisses!!

( Woops, I mean the accident was in Mesa, Arizona, sorry guys)


Lara said...

I wish I could have seen it. :( Oprah doesnt' put her episodes online, unfortunately. Oh well.

PS...NieNie's accident was in Arizona,(she lived in Mesa) but there was one in Cedar the very next week.

The Alleman Family said...

She truly is an inspiration to others!