Thursday, March 5, 2009


I Love my favorite grandson #3! His name is Daxton Lee Preston! He holds a very very special place in my heart, in our entire family's heart! Last Saturday he was kicked by a horse, (his favorite animal) in the stomach area. He was taken to Primary Children's Hospital and has been there all week. His sweet attitude and loving nature was evident through all of this. We saw him on saturday and was so grateful he was doing as well as that. We do know he is having some sort of surgery to relieve fluid in his stomach. My heart hurts for him, as I am sure everyone feels at this time.
Our prayers go out to you, baby, and know just how much we love you. What a blessing you have been in our lives along with all of our grandchildren!
Your name is also on the Temple rolls. Please get better quick! We love you so so much.
Love forever and a day!
Gramma Deni and Papa Mike

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Lara said...

My girls have been praying for Daxton every day. Hope he is feeling all mended very soon!